What Are Storied Books?

Ongoing Projects

The following areas give a sense of some of the work being done by our fellows and curators.

  • The Dairymans Daughter, printed in raised type for the blind
  • Two separate coverings on a manuscript New Testament
  • Photo of the Moon Taken through a Telescope
The Dairymans Daughter, printed in raised type for the blind

At Their Fingertips

Before the widespread adoption of Braille in Europe and America, printers and publishers worked to devise systems of printing that would allow the blind to read and learn. These surviving books have important stories to tell about the use of technology and debates over education from the nineteenth century on forward.

Two separate coverings on a manuscript New Testament

Layers and Lives

Some of the history of our collection is written in the books themselves. From new bindings and scribbles to pressed specimens, examine the hidden histories of books in our collections.

Paper Moons

Help plan an exhibition that covers four centuries of discovery, hope, and hoaxes about the moon.

You can read more about our projects and people on our Blog.

Write Your Own Story

Whether you’re far along in your research or you’re just hearing about the library, your thought is what animates the collections. Our project offers two undergraduate fellowships on a yearly basis to introduce new and seasoned researchers to the materials we have here.

  • Our Undergraduate Discovery Fellowships offer a mentored introduction to a topic of your choice.
  • The University Scholarship in Special Collections Allows for deeper dives into the collections to complete research and creative projects.

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The Storied Books Blog

Raising the Game

By Discovery Fellow Ziad El-Rady As a paper artist, I was drawn to the Special Collections by the treasure trove of pop-up and movable books found in the Baldwin Library of Historical Children’s Literature. As a game designer and D&D Dungeon Master, I knew these 3-D structures had great potential to immerse players into the …


Storied Books at the University of Florida is run out of the Department of Special & Area Studies Collections of the George A. Smathers Libraries.

Neil Weijer, (Curator of the Rare Book Collection), directs the project, supervises the research fellows, makes the coffee, and when he has time, even looks at a book or two.

Bridget Bihm-Manuel (Florida History Coordinator) assists with supervising the Undergraduate Discovery Fellows, and is happy to direct them to all things Floridian.