Past Fellows

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University Scholarships


Lee Hoffman (’23), History

Anyone Can Print, Anywhere, Any Damn Time:
Zines and Independent Presses, 1900-Present


Katherine DeClaire (’22), Political Science

Disorderly Conduct: Women’s Health and Women’s Rights 1893-1930

Read Katherine’s article in the Journal of Undergraduate Research (2022)

Katherine deClaire

Margaret Walker (’22), English

From Scholars to Laymen: Observations on the Culture and Practice of Natural History in the Seventeenth Century and Beyond

Margaret Walker


Megan Wilson, University Scholar

Megan Wilson (’21), English

The Uncanny Girl in Gothic Horror and Fairy Tales

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See Megan’s research at the 2021 Undergraduate Research Symposium (Gatorlink ID Required)

Discovery Fellows

Spring 2023

Carly Achinapura (’23)

Joseph and Rebecca White Discovery Fellow

Fallen Women: Morality and Social Work in Victorian London

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Carly Achinapura - 2023 Undergraduate Discovery Fellow
Morgan Fischer - 2023 Undergraduate Discovery Fellow

Morgan Fischer (’25)

Bechtel Discovery Fellow

The Many Faces of Children’s Books: Continuity and Change in the Nancy Drew Series.

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Preslie Price (’24)

Cal Yeomans Discovery Fellow

Women in Wartime: Female Propaganda Roles in World War I Sheet Music

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Preslie Price - 2023 Undergraduate Discovery Fellow

Spring 2022

Christian Harris, Undergraduate Discovery Fellow

Christian Harris (’24)

Joseph and Rebecca White Discovery Fellow

The Strongest Element: Teaching Euclidean Geometry with shape and color.

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Allyson Maldonado (’24)

Cal Yeomans Discovery Fellow

The Madame Butterfly Trap: Asian Representation in Postwar Theater and Film

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Read Allyson’s publications in Spark Magazine

Allyson Maldonado, Undergraduate Discovery Fellow
Meir Schochet, Undergraduate Discovery Fellow

Meir Schochet (’25)

Isser and Rae Price Discovery Fellow

The Limits of Whiteness: Jewish Identities in 20th Century America

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Natalie Triana (’25)

Joseph and Rebecca White Discovery Fellow

What’s the Use? Transcendentalism and the American Conservation Movement

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Natalie Triana, Undergraduate Discovery Fellow

Chrishann Walcott (’25)

Cal Yeomans Discovery Fellow

Religious and Utopian Communities in America

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Spring 2021

Arianna Zhai (’24)

Cal Yeomans Discovery Fellow

Public Health and Medicine in 19th-Century America

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Stepheny Pham (’22), Zoology

Cal Yeomans Discovery Fellow

Cross-Cultural Uses and Representations of Animals

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Hannah Whitaker (’21), English

Joseph and Rebecca White Discovery Fellow

Women and Stems

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